The Defining Test: The Vatican and Homosexuality

Yes, in case you can’t tell, I’ve now found several excellent Roman Catholic blog sites. No, they are not “excellent” to the extent they represent false teachings of the Roman church [necessary disclaimer for the knee-jerk types reading this blog site], but excellent to the extent that they offer helpful news and information and insight. My blog roll is, thankfully, growing daily as I enjoy the wide world of Christian blogdom. So far I have a collection of Baptist, Calvinist, Roman Catholic and Lutheran Blogs. If somebody wants to point me to a good Eastern Orthodox blog site, I would like to subscribe to several of those as well. The more the merrier.

Here is an interesting piece, referencing an article in one of my favorite journals, First Things, in which the recent Vatican ruling on homosexuality is discussed as a defining test.

Link: Catholic World News (CWN).

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