This website is an archive of the Cyberbrethren blog, written by Rev. Paul T. McCain between 2005-2014.

Rev. McCain also contributed to another blog which is still online in its original form: http://bookofconcord.blogspot.com/

Although the Cyberbrethren blog is no longer active, past articles will be maintained here in order to preserve Paul’s commentary and writings for those who may be interested. In that spirit, here is the original “about” page:

A Small Catechism on Cyberbrethen

Who owns the Cyberbrethren blog site? – Rev. Paul T. McCain.

Paul has been blogging, here and there, in one way or the other, since the mid-nineties. He is a pastor in The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod, ordained June 3, 1990, and serves as Publisher and Executive Director of the Editorial Department at Concordia Publishing House. His previous service in the Lutheran Church includes time as an instructor in systematic theology, a parish pastor, and a theological assistant to two of the presidents of The LCMS.

He has edited and contributed to numerous publications, founded two journals: LOGIA and Luther Digest, and is the General Editor of Concordia: The Lutheran Confessions. He has been published in First ThingsWORLD MagazineLOGIA: A Journal of Lutheran TheologyConcordia Theological Quarterly, and The Lutheran Witness. He is the owner of the BookofConcord.org web site, and maintains a blog devoted to the Lutheran Confessions. Paul is married with three children, one dog, and one cat. His hobbies include digital photography and reading.

Why “Cyberbrethren”?

The name Cyberbrethren was first used for a small group of contacts in Paul McCain’s e-mail address book, less than ten pastors to whom he would send things of interest. The list grew to over 2,300 people, and then was moved over to a blog site and is now here, on WordPress. Thought was given to a name change to avoid any accusation of sexism, but the idea was roundly and soundly rejected by women who indicated any such change would offend them as a concession to the feminist agenda. And so it remains, “Cyberbrethren.”

What is Cyberbrethren’s niche?

Lutheranism, in its classical, historic expression. It is unfortunate that the “classical, historical” qualifiers have to be added, but sadly, today, there are groups using the name Lutheran that have wandered far from traditional Lutheranism. While many serious things are discussed on Cyberbrethren, light-hearted and humorous posts appear, along with the occasional personal reference. But this is primarily an issues-oriented blog site. You are welcome and encouraged to participate in the conversation.