Comments Are Open

I’ve been encouraged to open up comments on my posts. My reason for not opening comments has been twofold: First, I do not have time to moderate them carefully before they are posted. Second, there are those who might try to take advantage of the commenting option for nefarious purposes. But those concerns notwithstanding many have asked for the ability to comment.

Please let me explain several “ground rules” for commenting. First, I will not respond to comments or questions posted in comments. If you want to direct a question to me, please send me an e-mail. Second, I will immediately ban anyone using vulgarity. Third, I will not allow this blog site to become a forum on political issues in my church.  Fourth, comments should deal with the  issue of the blog post. Off-topic remarks are subject to deletion and continuing to post off-topc remarks will result in banning.

Please understand that I will not hesitate to ban those who will not conform to standards of common decency, courtesy and Christian charity. So, with those provisos in mind, feel free to offer comments.

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