The Golden Ardie


Cyberbrethren has received the highest honor in Lutheran blogdom: the coveted Golden Ardie award. I received it some time ago, but due to the recent disaster with Cyberbrethren it was not able to be publically announced until I had Cyberbrethren moved to a new and working location. I’m overcome with emotion at news of this prestigious award.

Here is the citation:

‡ Paul McCain of Cyberbrethren (he of the crashed blog) receives first acknowledgment. His post, Is Christian Art Idolatry? Thoughts on the Error of Calvinism’s Iconoclasm
triggered comments, complementary and competing blog posts, and an
ongoing discussion of Christology and Biblical understanding. If you
haven’t yet read the original, start with it and move up the old blog. Then visit his new site and continue with Where’s Jesus? The Question That Comes to My Mind When Reflecting on Calvinism and any subsequent posts on the subject.

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