ELCA Bishop Green Lights “Gay” Blessings

And so it goes…you can have it both ways in the ELCA these days. To anyone who seriously thought, or still thinks, that what happened in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America in Orlando was not another seismic lurch into oblivion for the ELCA, I say, “Wake up and smell the Brokeback Mountain Java.” An ELCA Bishop has made it clear she will approve same-sex blessings. What a wonderful way to celebrate our Lord’s Nativity. What else could one expect from a so-called “bishop” whose own occupation of the office of the holy ministry is itself both anti-apostolic and anti-biblical?

A Plenary Indulgence

I know I’ve already blogged on this once before, but I just read the full text of the papal declaration, at the Vatican’s web site. It bums me out. Just when some begin to hope that maybe, just maybe, this papacy might represent a definite turn away from the traditional errors of Rome, this is what we get. Some things never change, I guess.

Link: A Plenary Indulgence 8 December Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The Pope’s Santa Hat

The traditional hat, known as a camauro, was commonly worn by popes in
the medieval period to keep their heads warm on cold days and it
featured on many paintings at the time, but it has rarely been worn in
modern times. Various reports have taken note of how this pope is using once again various items of papal clothing not used for many decades. Read more about this here.

Link: Scotsman.com News – International – Pope caps audience with his ‘Santa hat’.